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Project #1 TDI MKII


Today I drove up to Edmonton and picked up a starter for the car from MrDave. I got back all excited and found that the stock M10x135mm bolts don't go far enough to mount the front engine mount to it. Dammit, another day waiting.....ARGGH!!!


Well, I got bored waiting around for parts to arrive, so I started looking at what I wanted to do with the intercooler tubing. The stock MKIV air intake is on the driver's side. The I/C plumbing goes along the left side with the I/C just under the passenger's light.

I'm looking to have the I/C right next to the passenger light if possible. It may mean getting a smaller radiator though. I still want to have the air intake on the passenger side so that I don't have to relocate the battery.

Here's a rough mock-in for measuring clearances.......

A little something that's been kicking around in the back yard for over a year. Yep, it's a stock big bumper and it's got a rear buddy. Obviously paint is part of the project....

And here's the clearance between the passenger shock tower and the engine. I may have to do the VR6 "thumping" on the frame rail for the V-Belt to clear. There's only about 1/4 inch clearance between the rail and the pully and the mount was up by about 3 inches and in by about 1-1/2 inches.


Well, finally got the starter bolts last night and went to test fit the engine into the bay. The pulley's for the serpentine belt are much wider than the stock engine, so I can't get the rear mount hooked up. Looks like I'm going to have to do the frame rail massaging after all.

Now, where did I put that sledgehammer?


Well, I didn't use the sledgehammer approach. I just used a ballbeen hammer to flatten out the corregations on inside of the frame rail. I only need just that much room. It's pretty damn strong stuff. I had to "convince" it over quite a few blows.

What I did find that was disconcerting was that the turbo's Vacuum Diaphragm is interfering with the rear mount's siding. I'm going to have to cut it away, but it's awefully close.

I think when I get it all positioned just right so that the axles fit in right, I may get a welder buddy to install the MKIV mounts. I won't cross that bridge until the car is running.


Oh, a few more pics:

Here's the pics of the starter bolts. The very top one is the stock 135 mm MKII bolt to mount the starter and engine mount. It is just way too damn short to even reach through the hole in the engine flange. The bottom ones are the bolts I got from a local fastener place. They are 150 mm and can get there, but are just a little too short.

The ones in the middle are my favorite. Why? Because they are my first part towards an Audi RS6 (or S8 or Phaeton.. pick one). They are 160 mm long and fit just right. For you swapper lunatics doing MKIV swaps into MKII's here's the part number N 104 713 01 (M10 X 160mm).

A note, get the bottom one screwed in just to the edge of the motor mount's threaded piece, then do the top one. The bottom one is really tight agains the block and the bolt will actually follow the thread pattern of the M12 bolt thread that's there for the stock MKIV starter bolt. It took some swindling, but the front mount is on.

Here's my handy work with a hammer.

...and here's it in a way that you can actually see what was done. Two corrugations were flattened and the third was tweaked just a little. The worse clearance issues are closer to the firewall because the frame rails narrow and also drop. With this in place, I've got a bout 1/2" clearance between the serpentine belt and the frame rail.

And yes, I'll have to get longer coolant hoses because I had to clock the oil cooler forward. I may clock it a full 180 degrees and just have the coolant hoses reach around, just for radiator clearance issues.


OK, so over the weekend, I picked up some new Saw'z'all blades and today I cut up the rear mount. Here's some pictures of it. As you can see, the vacuum diaphragm is interfering with the side of the mount. If the mount moves (which it does), it can bang easily against the diaphragm. This worries me, but until I get some more research done on the clearance of the MKIII mounts, VR6 mounts, and aftermarket mount clearances, I think I'll just cut away a little more of the mount.

....pain in my ass!

Here's how tight the clearance on the rear mount is. I'm hoping that a MKIII or VR6 mount would be shaped differently enough that the vacuum diaphragm would have enough clearance for my comfort...The only problem with that is that I need the subframe for it as well. More money, arrggghhhh!!!

A close up. This shows where I cut the mount and how close the two are. As mentioned earlier, wiggling the mount causes it to tap against the diaphragm.

Here are some better pictures of the situation. My thoughts are that the MKII 16V hydro mount might give me the proper clearance that I'm looking for.

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