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Project #1 TDI MKII


Little update, with lots of pictures. I started in on the Passat pedal cluster. Here's how I did it.

A little prep with the Sawz'all. God bless whoever created that. I used some wide nosed pliers to bend the edges flat.

Used the corner of those same electricians pliers to go along the line I'd marked yesterday. Slow work, but rewarding as the tabs stay straight, a learning I got from the old pedal cluster.

Once I had the ears down flat, I put them both in a vise and reefed on it hard so that they would flatten out nicely and line up.

A test fitment in the tub to make sure it all still fits nicely. There's actually quite a bit of room in there.

This will make up part of the bracket for the DBW pedal. $4.50 at Rona.

This will be the other piece. $5.75 at Rona.

I picked up a whole bunch of metal at Rona for about $35. Now I can make most of the stuff I need. The two last brackets are 3 or 4 mm thick.

Just in case I want to stop a bullet with my accelerator pedal :D


More updates...

I think if I had time and a welder, I'd have done this a little different. It's a little convoluted to put together. If you're getting two pieces of metal like I did, get the long vertical piece as wide as you can get it. Because mine was only as wide as the DBW pedal, I had to whittle a little out of the bottom of the pedal to get one securing screw in. If the piece had been wider, I could have bolted to either side of the pedal and left the middle for the pedal itself.

Anyways, on to the pics.

The ghetto-fabulous pedal plates. As you can see, the CNC machine is in for repairs :lol: The big hole in the 90-degree piece is to go around the hump in the wall of the brake pedal bracket and mount flush to the flat part.

As mentioned, I had to number the order in which I installed bolts. If you look really closely, you'll see where I had to drill a couple consecutive holes to allow the brake pedal spring through

Side View. Look just above the pedal and you'll see the two holes for the brake pedal spring.

Front View

And the test fit into the tub. I did a test to see how far the pedal would go down. I may have to move it down and/or remove the little heel on the back of the pedal.

Here's the tranny mount I was referring to in some other post. Maybe this one. It's all blurry now.

Ze 02J Tranny

How she all fits together....

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