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Project #1 TDI MKII


So, ran into a little hiccup last night. I looked at the drive flanges (stub axles) and they are 90 mm on my old tranny and 100 mm on my new 02J tranny. I know that a lot of the MKII's ran with 100mm stuff (I'm hoping my parts car has the stuff already). I've got a line on some driveaxles up in Edmonton.


Well, you get surprised by just about anything these days. I double-check the drive flanges on the driveaxles from the parts car and they are 100 mm after all. I think they will be a direct fit. The only thing is that the bearings are missing from them.


I found somebody who's got some driveaxles in Edmonton. A buddy's gonna pick them up. I did a test fit with the 100 mm ones I have in the garage (CV's are missing all the bearings) and they fit like they should. Once I get the new ones, I'll pick up some new grease and away we go.

I don't know if I posted it yet, but I put in an order for the tranny bracket for the 02C (Rallye tranny), which is supposed to have the same bolt pattern as the 02J. This, combined with the cutaway-and-reinforced rear mount (with turbo outlet pointing up) will allow me to have the engine sit in exactly the same stance as the MKII Diesel does. Without it, I'd have to weld custom engine and tranny mounts (which I may do at a later date for less engine torsion), but it's way down there on the list of priorities.....probably below getting a plug for the cigarette lighter spot.

I'm pulling the shift assembly tonight and I'm hoping to have a test fit of the cable shift before dawn.

......That didn't happen on that night....


A little update......

Just a little carnage....

I've decided to pretty much gut the interior so that I can do some rewiring of...
Stereo Components (including running speakers to the doors)
The whole damn TDI loom should have its fusebox stationed in the cubby hole next to the factory fuse box.

Tomorrow I should have the carpet out and start (finally) on the cable clutch bit. I'm holding off on mounting the engine until I get the synchro tranny mount and the 100 mm driveaxles.

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