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Project #1 TDI MKII


Well, some more work and here's the final picture. It doesn't look like much, but behind the engine, I've removed the exhaust, shift linkages and whatnot. Everything except for the driveaxles, cold start and the mounts.

I couldn't do the driveaxles because I don't have an 8mm 12-point driver bit to remove them. I also don't have a bolt for the chain to the engine. I'll have her out tomorrow.

For now, here's the pic. I'm zapped. I will be taking the time after I pull the engine to take care of the rust and dirt in the engine bay. It was just disgusting. You don't want to see the stuff behind the engine and down by the oil pan.


I spent a few hours working on the car. My question is this.... Who's idea was it to mount the cold start cable with so much damn hardware, and in such a pain in the ass location? I had to pretty much pull every piece off the injector to get at 4 stinking hex bolts.

Also, the CV's are killing me. I got a bit to do it, but they are impeded by the boot. I think I'm going to cut it away as it's pretty greebly. I also have to support the wheel on the side that I'm removing the axle so that the angle of the driveshaft doesn't obstruct the wrench. Once again, who's freakin idea was it to mount them with 8mm, 12-sided bits? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to destroy something to get them free. Where'd I put that sawz'all?

.... Later that same night

CV Joints done. Tomorrow night, there should be a big ol' hole in the middle of the car where the engine used to be.


A minor update.........

3x13mm bolts, 1x17mm bolt, and 1x15mm(????? I've never had to use that socket...) nut and voila.......

The humanity!!!!!

You two play nice now...

Can someone say degreaser??????

Getting a newer heart than the '01 TDI...

A little reverse rake action.......

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