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Project #1 TDI MKII

Purpose: Swap a 2001 VW TDI into my 1989 Golf Diesel (non-turbo) shell
Why: Because I can
Background: I've had the car in my family since 1991. When we bought it, it had 12,500 kms on it as a demo car. Since then we've put 392,000'ish kms on it. It has served us well. For the last few years, I've been part of several VW online forums and have gone through the gamut of swap inspirations. Originally, this project was to be a VR6 swap, then a 1.8T swap, but ultimately, I saw the swaps done by Cam at CWS Tuning and MrDave's TDI Caddy on VWVortex forum and I made my decision. a 1.9 TDI was exactly what I wanted. What is it about good torque and awesome mileage that leave a smile on your face?

So, down to business. I started asking around about swapping this engine. It turns out not a lot of people have done 1.9 TDI swaps into a MKII. That makes it even better for me.

During my research, asking questions, I get a "by the way, I have one of these for sale" from MrDave. So, I beg the wife for a couple weeks, then start giving Dave some down payments on the engine.

- September 2005
Engine's paid off! Woohoo! I drove up to Edmonton to meet with Dave and pick up the engine.
Shortly after getting home, I began tearing apart the old car. Let's have a look at the before, shall we?

Now on to the project... Scottie, warp 9 (but really slow)

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